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A 1930s Near-Death Experience of an English Woman (Historical NDE of the Month)

This anonymous NDE account was published in the French parapsychology journal Revue métapsychique. While the only NDE element is an out-of-body experience, the account is notable for the clarity, detail, and duration of the experience. It occurred sometime around 1930. Click the image below to read the full account for free.

I ran across this account in the book To Die is Gain by the German philosopher Johann Christoph Hampe. The book has the distinction of being one the very first modern studies of near-death experiences, originally published the same year as Raymond Moody's Life After Life, and has been long out-of-print. When I started my new publishing imprint with White Crow Books, Afterworlds Press, this was one of the first books I thought of reprinting. After a long, circuitous search, I was finally able to track down Hampe's heirs in Germany and they were delighted at the prospect of reprinting the book. And here it is, after nearly 50 years:



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