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"Ask Dr. Death" Podcast Interview

This was a great conversation with end-of-life educator Dr. Terri Daniel and hospice physician Dr. Karen Wyatt. We talked about my new book, The Next World: Extraordinary Experiences of the Afterlife, exploring not only NDEs and religious beliefs, but also Victorian and Edwardian mediumship, reincarnation (both children who claim to remember past lives, and hypnotic regression), and what kind of afterlife might make sense given all the diversity of accounts and beliefs (between NDErs, non-NDErs, and religions).

Incidentally, I'll be speaking (remotely) at Dr. Daniel's upcoming conference on Death, Grief and Belief in July. More on that later but if you plan to attend and want to sign up early, you can save $25 by using code "Shushan." In the meantime, hope you enjoy this #podcast episode as much I enjoyed the conversation!



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