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Consuelo: A Near-Death Experience from a Mexico City Slum (1961)

In 1961, anthropologist Oscar Lewis published Children of Sanchez - an ethnography of a family in the Mexico City slum of Tepito. One of the women who contributed to his study was 27-year-old Consuelo, who

recounted an NDE she had after slipping on cement and being knocked unconscious, then suffering a miscarriage.

Not only is it a fascinating account, it's also a good reminder that NDEs transcend economic as well as cultural circumstances. It is not only celebrities, authors of bestselling memoirs, and people in cardiac wards in developed countries who revive from apparent death and report their spiritual experiences. It's also disadvantaged people living in circumstances of extreme poverty and abuse. Consuelo's account exists only because she was given a voice by Oscar Lewis, who sought to expose a global "culture of poverty."

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