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First Review of "The Next World": Michael Grosso in Journal of Scientific Exploration

The first full review of my new book has just been published, by the well-known author and philosopher, Michael Grosso, PhD. It's refreshing to read a review by someone who really gets my work, and appreciates it.

tl;dr: " wide-ranging in thought and feeling as it is rigorous and scholarly. Heartily recommended."

The review is free to read in full here:

If you don't already have the book, here's the link to buy it on Amazon:

Alternatively, you might like to consider becoming a Patron of my work at Patreon. While you can pledge any amount you'd like from just $1, those at the $10 tier are you're entitled to a signed paperback of The Next World, while those at $7 and above get an ebook (from $3.50 you can get a PDF of The Crossover Experience by D.J. Kadagian, with contributions from myself and Pim van Lommel).



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