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New Afterworlds Press Substack!

As the founder and commissioning editor of Afterworlds Press, I focus on publishing quality books of scholarly, historical, and cultural value.

Afterworlds Press publishes select books on the subjects of life after death, near-death experiences, shamanism, mediumship, reincarnation, dreams, apparitions, poltergeists, deathbed visions, and related subjects. From neglected classics to innovative new works, we are committed to publishing the finest books from around the world. We have a growing list of international authors exploring hitherto unknown aspects of afterlife-related subjects across cultures. While we slant towards the anthropology, history, psychology, and sociology of such phenomena and beliefs, we seek to broaden human understanding of them regardless of approach or discipline. Our goal is to make the best books in these fields available to a wider readership, liberating hidden knowledge and democratizing the afterlife with our carefully curated "books of the dead."

Here’s a selection of some of our new and forthcoming titles:

On our new Substack we’ll be publishing excerpts from our books, reviews and articles about them, and occasionally guest posts by our authors. And feel free join in discussions, or start them!



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