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New Interview on the Shattered Reality Podcast

A bit late posting about this one.... I thought it was an interesting interview experience because the interviewer, Fahrusha, had some questions that really stemmed from her own spiritual journey. I know every interviewer has some kind of vested interest in the outcome, but this seemed very personal for her. As she wrote on her blog:

Fahrusha has been dismayed over the narrow view of near-death experiences which are held by certain religious groups. In speaking with Dr. Shushan she hoped to uncover what features of NDEs are common over cultures and over time, thinking perhaps there could be some ecumenical agreement. Dr. Shushan rose to the occasion explaining how although there are cultural differences, often experiencers return to life having been healed, with new abilities, or bringing comfort to their communities.

As is often the case, the question is how to reconcile particular religious or spiritual beliefs about the afterlife with so much diversity in accounts of near-death experiences. Hopefully in this interview we got a little bit closer to some understanding of how cultural and individual similarity or "sameness" is really not required in order to believe in an afterlife, or that NDEs are genuine experiences of it. Clicking the image below will take you to Shattered Reality!



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