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New Podcast and Video Interviews've been busy! In case you missed them, I have three new video interviews up on YouTube, as well as podcasts.

1. Jeff Mishlove's New Thinking Allowed. Jeff was the host of the PBS series Thinking Allowed, now continued online as New Thinking Allowed. He was also the grand prize winner of the Bigelow Prize last year. He recently highlighted my new book, The Next World: Extraordinary Experiences of the Afterlife as Featured Book on his website.

2. The Hermitix podcast, with a somewhat more in-depth discussion going beyond the usual questions and delving into philosophical debates, and academic challenges of researching and writing about the afterlife and NDEs. There's also a video version - even more casual than usual because I was told it would only be audio!

3. Steps to Sobriety: Into the Light with Stephan Neff. In some ways the opposite of the above, but one of my favorite interviews so far. I was truly honored to be asked to appear on a show about recovery, and hope that at least some of what we talked about resonated positively with Stephan's viewers and listeners. Also in a podcast version.

4. The Past Lives Podcast - my second appearance on Simon Bown's show, and better than the first, I think. Despite the title it's not only about past lives. In fact, I was a little wary of this interview because I'm rather critical of past-life regression in The Next World. But it was all very civilized in the end! Simon follows up each interview with a reading from his guest's newest book, and here he is reading from my chapter on the afterlife as portrayed in accounts of psychic mediumship.

You can also see the videos - and other - on my YouTube playlist:

That's all for now.... but more to come!



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