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Talk at Mangalam Research Center, Berkeley CA, May 26th (in-person and online)

I hope you'll join me for an IN-PERSON talk (also online) at the Mangalam Research Center in Berkeley, California, May 26th 4pm-5:30pm PDT. It's part of a series on Mind, Death, & Rebirth running from May 14th-June 12th. My talk is called “Culture, Religion, and Near-Death Experience: A Historical Perspective.”

Of particular interest to my subject, the same day at 2pm Pacific, Alyson Prude will be discussing accounts of Tibetan delogs. So in my talk I'll be trying to relate my work to hers, comparing and contrasting the Tibetan cases to how NDEs are interpreted and processed in other cultures around the world. So it promises to be a really interesting day!

Speakers on other days include:

- David E. Presti on the science of mind

- Jim Tucker on children who remember past lives

- Stephen Jenkins on Buddhist heavenly rebirth

- Donagh Coleman on the medical anthropology of Tibetan post-mortem meditation states

- Roger Jackson on reincarnation in Buddhism in comparative perspectives

- Karin Meyers on the problem of naturalistic interpretations of Buddhist ideas of rebirth and karma... and last but not least,

- Edward F. Kelly on the colonization of religious studies by physicalist paradigms.



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