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The Launch of Afterworlds Press

I'm excited to announce the official launch of Afterworlds Press - a new imprint of White Crow Books (publisher of my forthcoming book, The Next World: Extraordinary Experiences of the Afterlife). We have our first three books in the pipeline, and various others in the works. Check out our new website for more details, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!

Afterworlds Press publishes select books on the subjects of life after death, near-death experiences, shamanism, mediumship, reincarnation, dreams, apparitions, poltergeists, deathbed visions, and related subjects. From neglected classics to innovative new works, we are committed to publishing the finest books from around the world. We have a growing list of international authors exploring hitherto unknown aspects of afterlife-related subjects across cultures. While we slant towards the anthropology, history, psychology, and sociology of such phenomena and beliefs, we seek to broaden human understanding of them regardless of approach or discipline. Our goal is to make the best books in these fields available to a wider readership, liberating hidden knowledge and democratizing the afterlife with our carefully curated "books of the dead."

I am the commissioning editor for the imprint, so if you enjoy my work you will probably enjoy the books I select for publication. In fact, the first book - due out next month - is The North American Indian Orpheus Tradition: Native Afterlife Myths and Their Origins by the famous Swedish anthropologist and comparative religions scholar, Åke Hultkrantz. This book has been an important influence on my own, as well as being a key source for Native American near-death experience, shamanism, and afterlife beliefs. Originally published in a small edition in Europe, the book was never widely available to the general public and has been out-of-print for decades.

For a sneak peek at few more of our weird and wonderful upcoming titles, scroll down on this page.



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